The greatest moments of childhood are often spent on the fields of athletic achievement, with families cheering one another on, and creating memories and bonds of love that can never be undone.

Remember When?

Remember when she wore that pink helmet with the Hello Kitty sticker on the back?

Remember when she hit her first in the park home run?

Remember when she hit the game-winning hit in extra innings in the game that sent them to the championship?

Remember when you sat under a pop-up tent, waiting out a rain delay together, and she and her teammates talked and laughed for hours?

Remember when she met her fellow teammate — her first best friend?

Remember when she laughed and beamed with pride on the car ride home after that one big tournament?

Remember when she finally broke through that slump, and the way she smiled at you when she got on base?

Remember when she pitched her first perfect game?

Now you can remember ALL the moments that are important to you, your family, and your favorite player in detail.

Because there are just some things that scorebooks and Game Changer leave out. And we at Softball Is For Girls want you to remember WHEN!

Softball Is For Girls | Brick Dust Diary | Fastpitch Keepsake Journal

The Brick Dust Diary allows you to personally keep track of all the important moments and games in your daughter's fastpitch softball season. From her individual accomplishments, to personal highlights, and important details about Game Day and her entire season, The Brick Dust Diary has an easy to use layout that will help you create a very personal and meaningful keepsake for your softball player.

A Fastpitch Keepsake Journal

What's Inside:

Enough room to keep track and score 50 different games for your player.

Room to record EVERY at bat, EVERY defensive play, EVERY pitch.

A 6x9 Spiral Bound Journal that is easy to use with a glossy cover.

Special places to include meaningful pictures.

Pages to record personal information about her softball season.

Complete Player Profile so you won’t forget a thing.

Team Profile & Coaches Information

Space to record special Game Highlights and notes to your player.

Time & Date stamping information for each game

An autograph section for coaches, teammates and parents to leave a short note to your player.

The Brick Dust Diary is designed with YOUR player and your family in mind.

Record what you want to remember, and leave out no details.

Create a book she and you will treasure for years to come.

Keepsake the special moments spent together on the ballfield, so you will always remember when!